About Us

 3d-Sparrow is a team of professionals with big working experience.

The team of creative, energetic, open-minded, and dedicated people united around the common goal – producing works that will impress you and make you happy! 

We have artistic education and working experience at leading TV channels,  in game industry, and movie production. We have strong desire to work and get new experience, unusual and interesting projects are the most valuable for us. We seek not quantity but quality. Our team longs for achieving the highest level of professionalism in the art of 3D graphics, animation, and design.

We are ready to face any task related to all kinds of 3D graphics and design! We love our job, we treat details with great attention, we search for original ideas, and perfect ourselves constantly.
You can look through our author projects, ideas, and propositions in PROJECTS section.

We are always open to new acquaintances and possibilities for cooperation. Come and see us, we do have something interesting to offer to you!


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